Leonora’s Dance by Zindika – 1992

Characters: Leonora, Daphine, Melisa Chung, Frieda and Medusa.

Synopsis: Leonora a young at heart, middle aged woman has rented her house to Daphine a 19 year old single mother from Liverpool and Melisa a medic student from Hong Kong. Leonora suffers from agoraphobia she was an aspiring ballerina, who never really made it that far and is also heavily affected by the ‘Black Swan/White’ Swan syndrome. Leonora highlights the struggle of becoming an accomplished ballerina because of her blackness in a Eurocentric artform. Daphine’s character is struggling to find a job, she never finished her studies and therefore is illiterate. Medusa is a spirit, she is constantly taunting Leonora, pressing on her fears and losses. Frieda Leonora’s mother, comes over unexpectedly we learn that Leonora blames her mother for some of the failures in her life.

Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plays-Black-Asian-Women-Writers/dp/0951587722

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