My Sister-Wife by Meera Syal – 1992

Farah, Asif, Maryam, Sapna & Soraya, Poppy, Mumtaz, Tariq, Photographer, Older Woman, White Man, First Man, Sabia, Maureen, Servant, Four wives, Fauzia, Abida, Young woman, Mata-ji, Bride, Mrs Siddiqui, Doctor, Jane, Tim. 

Synopsis: Farah is deeply in love with Asif, he is the perfect man for her, knows her in and out like no one else ever will. This all changes however, when she finds out that he has a wife Maryam and two kids Sapna and Soraya. When Asif finally explains to Farah that he and his wife are no longer emotionally together, only that he is the only family she has, Farah agrees to marry him which in turn also means living with his mother, wife and children. The question is, will Farah cope?

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