Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe – 1958

Synopsis: This novel is set in 19th Century Nigeria in the fictional village of Umuofia. The main character Okonkwo is known for being a champion wrestler, a tough man obsessed with proving his masculinity who condemns any sign of idleness. Okonkwo works hard to be the opposite of his father who left behind many debts and had nothing to his name. Culture and tradition are very important to Okonkwo, when he accidentally shoots and kills the son of an elder he and his family are sent into exile for 7 years in Mbanta. Meanwhile white people have arrived in Umuofia, introducing Christianity, a new government and stripping the people of their culture. Upon his return Okonkwo makes it his duty to revert the cultural annihilation white people have brought with them, he urges his people to fight back. Will they rise against white dominion?


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