The Third life of Grange Copeland by Alice Walker – 1970

Synopsis: This is Alice Walker’s first novel, it deals with the life of Grange Copeland a black tenant farmer, whose crippling debt forces him to leave his wife and son in Georgia and escape to the North of America. As years go by his son Brownfield seems to be following the same suit as his father, to avoid getting in debt to a white man, he too goes to the North. When Brownfield marries Mem a beautiful young woman with a promising future, he starts to take out the grievances of his life onto her and eventually kills her. Upon Grange’s return and following the imprisonment of his son, he takes responsibility over his youngest granddaughter, holding himself accountable for the Brownfield’s downfall. Grange attempts to rectify his own actions by giving her the future she deserves. Will Grange’s efforts safe his granddaughter or is she destined to follow the footsteps of her father and grandfather?


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