The Literature of Ancient Egypt (edited) by William Kelly Simpson – 2003 *

 Synopsis: From Middle Egyptian literature to literature of the Demotic period this book includes translations of Egyptian texts varying from stories, lamentations, religious literature, songs, autobiographies and scribal traditions. The most well known Ancient Egyptian story is The Tale of  Sinuhe, it is often labelled as Ancient Egyptian Shakespeare. The Man Who Was Weary of Life deals with the issue of depression, as the protagonist’s rhetoric suggest that he may be contemplating suicide. While the man worries about who he can trust, the lack of compassion, the amount of greed in the world and his fear and longing for death. His spirit/ inner self tells him to be grateful for being alive, that he must enjoy life while he can that contemplating will only bring him sadness. The tales vary from fictional to truth to educational guidelines of a healthy life style, it shows how the Ancient Egyptians would have lived and how similar their thought processes were to the modern person.

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