The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker – 1989*

Synopsis: This novel weaves in and out of past, present and future. It’s a multi-narrative novel that moves swiftly from time and place all characters are somehow interlinked but they don’t all know each other. Mama Shug and Mama Cellie characters from The Colour Purple also make an appearance in the novel as the grandmothers of Fanny. In the novel we meet characters like Arveyda a well known musician, Carlotta and her mother Zede who were previously in a South American prison camp. Suwelo a spiritually lost black professor, his ex-wife Fanny who fears white people due to a repressed memory and Lissie who has had many lifetimes and been many men women and creatures. The story explores the role womanhood has in the past present and future, in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. How do these characters intertwine with each other and how do they have an effect on each others lives without actually meeting? It also questions the importance and relevance of dreams, rituals and legends.


My Thoughts 

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