The Color Purple by Alice Walker – 1982

Synopsis: This epistolary novel follows Celie, a 14 year old poor black girl in Georgia. Celie’s letters are to God, her first letter details her father raping her which has resulted in her three children. There are also letters from Celie’s sister Nettie that Celie never receives. Following the death of her mother, Celie’s father marries her to Albert who is referred to only as Mr. _____ through out the novel. While living with Mr._____, Celie comes to know and meet many women they have a positive impact on each other, helping themsleves to find the beauty and worth in themselves. Nettie lives with Celie in Mr. _____ house for some time and teaches her what she learns in school. Harpo’s (Mr. _____’s son) wife Sophia is independent and bossy the opposite to Celie. Shug Avery a singer and Mr. _____’s mistress, who later becomes Celie’s lover teaches her how to be an assertive woman. How does Celie take this new found confidence to mark her place in this world?


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