The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie – 2009

Synopsis: This is a first person narrative of 14 year old Arnold Spirit Jr. mostly referred to as Junior. Junior is a Native American boy living in Spokane Indian Reservation (Rez). His diary entries are accompanied with comic illustrations, as he is a promising cartoonist. Junior and his family are quite poor and life in the Rez aside from having it’s fun moments is also difficult, poverty and alcoholism playing a great part on the hardship. After being encouraged by a teacher at the Rez, Junior is sent to a well off white school 22 miles away, despite the family’s financial situation and the school’s distance (of which Junior has to walk to and fro sometimes) they make it work. In his new school Junior falls in love with a white girl Penelope, he is also bullied and racially abused however this does not keep him down. 

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