The bluest eye by Toni Morrison – 1970

Synopsis: This story is centred around the life of a young African American girl Pecola, told through the view points of Claudia and an omniscient narrator. Pecola is eager to be loved, but she believes this is impossible because she has dark skin. Her love for Shirley Temple emphasises her longing for beauty that can only be found in whiteness and the wish to have blue eyes. Pecola is sent to live with 9 year old Claudia and 10 year old Frieda and her parents for a while, because her father burnt their house down. At al older age Claudia recounts her friendship with Pecola, and how she was treated by those around her, like the boys in school and Maureen a light skinned girl who befriends Pecola for a time and then reminds her that she is “Black and ugly”. After being raped from her father, Pecola now pregnant seeks help from a faith healer to grant her the blue eyes she has wanted for so long. Will Pecola manage to escape from this physical and mental destruction?

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