The God of small things by Arundhati Roy – 1997

Synopsis: This story is a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards on the lives of fraternal twins Esthappen Yako (Estha) a boy and Rahel a girl. Growing up, the twins lived in Ayemenem India with their mother, uncle and grandparents. The story tests the limitations of love in all its form, through various characters it questions who should be loved and how. The twins’ mother Ammu falls in love with a man named Velutha an untouchable, this is unacceptable in their society where class is deemed very important and Ammu is of a higher status than Velutha. The events that unfold when the family find out about the affair leads the twins into a life threatening journey, that eventually costs the lives of people close to them. How do the twins overcome moments of their past that haunt them in adulthood?


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